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Guests ask many questions on how, when, who, what, where and many questions to know more about Citylink Motel. Here are some of these questions and their answers.

1. At what time does reception closes? Reception closes at 22:00hrs
2. At what time does reception opens? Reception opens at 06:00hrs
3. Do you have a beer bar? No, we dont have a beer bar.
4. Where is it located? We are located in Eriku town just opposite the Lae Golf Course.
5. Do you have a restaurant? Yes, we do have a restaurant.
6. Do you allow drunkards inside? No, Alcohol is zero tolerance inside our premises.
7. Do you allow smoke and betelnut inside the premises? No, we dont allow betelnut and smoke inside.
8. Do you provide extra beddings when requested by guests? Yes, we do on special and genuine situations.
9. Do you allow guests to take alcohol into their rooms? No, we dont. Alcohol is zero tolerance in our area.
10. Do you operate on weekends? We are open 7 days a week.
11. Do you provide transport to guests around Lae? Yes, but transport fees apply.
12. Do you drop-off and pickup guests from/to airport? Yes, but drop-off and pickup fees apply.
13. Do you issue rooms without payment? No, we dont unless a PO is presented.



Special Offers
We have special offers for our room prices every month. For your next travel to Lae, contact our reservations team to find out more about our monthly special offers.
Executive Rooms x 2 beds
Superior Rooms x 2 beds
Deluxe Rooms x 2 beds


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