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We have rooms special rates for those guests who want to stay with us for a longer period of time at Citylink Motel. The below shows the special rates that offered to our guests at different levels of time lenght spent at Citylink Motel.

Period of Stay (days) Discount Offered (%) Rooms
7 - 13 days 10% All Rooms Types
14 - 20 days 15% All Rooms Types
21 - 27 days 20% All Rooms Types
28 days and above 25% All Rooms Types


Advance Payment

Discounts are given to guests who make advance payments before arrival. This apply to rooms only and does not include meals and other services provided by Citylink Motel.

Guests who wish to make payments upon arrival are also given discounts. This includes all walk-ins.


Short Stay includes seven days or less. There are no discounts available for guests who wish to stay less then seven days unless there are room promotions and monthly special room rates offered at the time of arrival. Otherwise they pay the normal room rate.

Special Offers
We have special offers for our room prices every month. For your next travel to Lae, contact our reservations team to find out more about our monthly special offers.
Executive Rooms x 2 beds
Superior Rooms x 2 beds
Deluxe Rooms x 2 beds
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