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Guests often many questions ask about where, how, when, who and what regarding Citylink Motel. Here are some of these questions and their answers

Question 1. At what time does reception close? 10PM

Question 2. At what time does reception open? 6AM

Question 3. Where is Citylink Motel Located? Bumbu Road, Eriku, Opposite Golf Club, Lae.

Question 4. Do you have beer bar? No

Question 5. Do you have a restaurant? Yes

Question 6. Do you allow drunkards inside the premises? No

Question 7. Do you allow smoke and betelnut inside the premises? No

Question 8. Do you provide extra beddings when requested by guests? Yes

Question 9. Do you allow guests to take alcohol into their rooms? No

Question 10. Are you open on weekends? Yes

Question 11.Do you provide transport to guest around Lae? Yes

Question 12.Do you drop-off and pickup guests from/to airport? Yes

Question 13.Do you issue rooms without payment? No

Question 14.Do you have room service? Yes