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We are located close to many spectacular sites including historical and natural parks that you can visit for site seeing while staying with us at Citylink Motel.

Lae Botanical Garden

The Lae Botanical garden is a jungle inside the city and is well know for tourist attraction. Inside the Botanical Garden is the Lae Second World War (WWII) Cemetery. Sculptures of few WWII veterans are also inside the Garden which have their own stories.

WWII Cemetery

World War II Cemetery

World War II had many impacts in Papua New Guinea and few remains of WWII still remain inside the Garden. The below is a sculpture of a Papua New Guinean War Veteran inside the Garden.

Sculpture of a WWII Veteran

World War II Wracks

The War left few remains in Lae as below is one of the airplanes used in the war. This remain sits inside the Botanical Garden.

WWII Airplane

Unitech Wild Life and Rain Forest Habitat

The University of Papua New Guinea (Unitech) Wild Life and Rain Forest Habitat is another spectacular site that you can visit for site seeing and advanture.


There are many and different types of tropical animals, vegetation and landscapes inside the habitat that you can enjoy.